News of my retirement has been exaggerated—by me. Here is an update:

Last September I publicly announced that at age 75 I had decided to step down from all public functions of L’ARCHET, and to devote myself to more of a private life living at our farm and traveling with my wife. I felt at the time that I could no longer produce our highly regarded concerts at Cohen Hall, although my work behind the scenes with musicians and organizations will continue.

The response I received from the public and from many musicians has been heartwarming. I’ve been moved by praise for my efforts, but even more by the general interest in Classical Music for our region and the continuation of concerts.

And so—I’ve decided that I will personally commit to producing at least TWO Cohen Hall concerts a year. A new advisory committee will be at my side. And I will assist, from the wings, with other concerts that members of our community wish to program in the superb recital hall we are privileged to use.

The current plan is that L’ARCHET will sponsor an annual Violin or String Quartet Recital, and a Piano Recital. For this year, on Friday Evening May 22, 2020 Timothy Chooi, Violin, will make his first appearance in Cohen Hall playing music by Saint-Saens and Debussy, and he will conclude the recital with the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Op. 35 with piano accompaniment. This Fall on Saturday October 17, 2020 Matthew Graybil, Piano, returns to Cohen Hall with music by Bach, Beethoven (The Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia in C# Minor Op. 27 #2 “Moonlight”), Chopin and Liszt.

Feel free to send me your thoughts. Frankly, I was downcast that I would no longer be able to see all of you at our concerts. I hope this news makes you as happy as it does me—

Best Wishes,

Don Dal Maso