The Performing Arts in America have been profoundly disrupted by COVID-19 and all the precautions of quarantine. Our musicians at L’ARCHET are no exception, and most recently we have had to postpone Matthew Graybill’s October recital in Cohen Hall. This is another disappointment to us at L’ARCHET, but I promise you our postponements will never become cancellations.

We will honor our promise of at least two Cohen Hall concerts each year, and as always they will each be events of the highest musical quality. Timmy Chooi and Matt Graybill will be scheduled in the same order as originally planned; Tatiana Pressman, the Ulysses Quartet and other artists have already agreed to return as well. Among new performers from the Early Music community will be Anne Trout, leader of The Maggini Project and one of America’s leading performers on the Violone.

WHEN we can recommence performances is the only question. My personal hope is that Spring of 2020 will see major advances in the prevention of the coronavirus and the opportunity for groups of 250 to 300 to assemble again.

But meanwhile, we aren’t going away! Please feel free to write to me with your thoughts and wishes. Meanwhile all of our performers continue their public activities in innovative ways. We will keep you posted about all of them.

And in conclusion, here is a short video by Tina Bouey, First Violin of the Ulysses Quartet, with an example of what classical artists can do when they want to enjoy the delight of folk music:

With Warmest Personal Wishes to all of you—Don Dal Maso