Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is a moment for me to talk to you a bit about myself, not just about L’ARCHET’s activities in the near future.

Our Cohen Hall Concerts—the most visible of L’ARCHET’s activities--have been a huge success by any standard. I have been honored to produce them as a way of giving back to others some of the joy which my life in Classical Music has given to me. All the young musicians who perform for L’ARCHET share my belief that we have a responsibility to the intellectual, and I’ll even say moral, life of our communities.

Now, in the 75th year of my life, I’ve reached a time when taking stock of oneself and the future is appropriate. In the years ahead my plan is to travel much more with my wife, primarily in Europe, and devote more of myself to our farm in Northampton County where one can contemplate nature and the ultimate meaning of things. It simply will not be possible for me to devote all the time necessary to produce a concert series such as at Cohen Hall.

I had contemplated simply ending our concerts in this region. But, with the strong encouragement of my wife and some close friends in music, I’ve decided to produce two concerts in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Both of them are everything you have come to expect. The Ulysses Quartet needs no introduction. In Spring, Timothy Chooi, one of the most brilliant violinist of his generation, will give a major recital for us.

Both concerts are especially designed to inspire young musicians. The rest of us will hear masterpieces performed by artists whose futures at the summit of musical art are guaranteed. AND the concerts will give everyone time to think about similar concerts in the years ahead.

Meanwhile, I will turn L’ARCHET’s helm toward new things: Assistance to young music students headed for conservatory training; Master Classes for young musicians in our region; Support of local musical organizations devoted to Classical Music; and a lecture series for the general public drawing on all parts of our region and the Lehigh Valley.

Finally, if the community wishes to get behind more Classical Music events in Cohen Hall, I will volunteer all my available energy and resources. If there is such interest, a breakfast meeting can easily be arranged to discuss plans.

Above all, I want to thank all of your for your part in what we’ve created together--a remarkable “holding environment” where the living connection between musicians and the audience is palpable, a connection which musicians repeatedly describe as their best experience in performance.

Let me know what you think!

Warmest Regards,

Don Dal Maso