Dear Friends,

During our long and shared hiatus, I’ve fielded many inquiries about the resumption of our activities. I had THOUGHT immediately before COVID hit us that I would be retiring (for the third time). But the musicians I work with, and the audiences we have curated for them, didn’t like that idea.

I could fill many blog pages with news about the ways our musicians have advanced since 2020—the Ulysses Quartet, Tatiana Tessman, Matthew Graybil, Timothy Chooi and many others. I’m eager for all of you to hear about our new venue at St. John’s Lutheran. At some point I should report on my own collegial reconnection to the Allentown Symphony Orchestra (which before COVID I hadn’t heard for over fifty years since growing up in the Lehigh Valley) and its proudly achieved importance under its exceptional conductor Diane Wittry.

But let’s keep things brief! For now I can inform you that we have a date for Matt’s return (Please visit the EVENTS PAGE) and the promise of a recital appearance by Russell Iceberg, one of the most promising violinists I’ve encountered in years. We will be sponsoring Timothy Chooi’s solo engagement with the Allentown Symphony in the 2022-23 season, when he will play Bruch’s Scottish Phantasy.

As they used to say in the early years of television- Please Stay Tuned!

Warmest Regards, Don Dal Maso