Our much-loved young friends in the ULYSSES QUARTET have been burning up the competition scene all over the world. Most recently The Ulysses won First Prize at the Schoenfeld Competition in Shanghai, after an earlier Second Place in Osaka.

Significantly, they have been taken up by Stephen Judson and the Judson Management Group. I’ve spoken with Stephen and he believes that forty to fifty appearances a year by the Ulysses would be his basic goal.

Best of all is the playing and musicianship that the Ulysses has been giving to audiences all over the world. You can hear them again in our own Cohen Hall on Sunday Afternoon September 8, 2019 at 3:00 PM.





After his graduation from The Curtis Institute of Music, I promised Violinist TIMOTHY CHOOI a solo recital, purely because of what I had heard over the radio in a student broadcast (he played the Prokofiev D Major Sonata) and on video. But soon after, Timmy started winning competitions left and right—First Prize at the Joachim Competition in Hanover, Second at the Concours Ysaye in Belgium. He even won the Schadt 2019 Competition of the Allentown Symphony and performed the Bruch Concerto with them early this Spring.

Timmy is simply one of the most brilliant voices on his instrument in his generation. He has been showered with tours and concerts, so we decided to move his scheduled Fall 2019 appearance to Spring of 2020. In a revival of an old tradition for traveling violin virtuosos, in Cohen Hall Timmy will perform the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Op. 35. Here is the performance that gave him his triumph in Germany:

and here is his professional website

Needless to say—you’ll want hear him in his first performance for L’ARCHET. The date of his Spring concert will be announced soon.

—Notes by Donald Dal Maso