A Personal Note:

Some time ago I heard a young violinist perform the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in Allentown PA with the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra at Muhlenberg College. It was a wrenching personal period for me: Dr. Donald Haff—a beloved physician, amateur violinist and extraordinary friend to countless musicians like me—had died that same day. But although Dr. Haff was not present, his spirit must have rejoiced at the technical perfection, the beauty of sound and the impassioned musical understanding of the violinist as we listened to her.

Decades later that same violinist will be joining the American Classical Orchestra in Cohen Hall in our concert on Saturday Evening 7:30 PM June 9, 2018. Stephanie Chase is now recognized as one of America’s foremost musicians. She is an Avery Fisher Prize winner and laureate of the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Her performances with over 170 Orchestras around the world are equaled only by a few of her colleagues. Speaking as a fellow musician myself, her playing is simply beautiful beyond words.

Stephanie has also found time to become one of our leading artists who play the Baroque violin and who can perform in the special vernacular of that period. On June 9 she will be soloist in the Vivaldi Concerto in Bm for Four Violins, the Bach Am Violin Concerto and, with Krista Feeney, the Bach Concerto in Dm for Two Violins. A Concerto Grosso by Handel will also be played on this program, which we could easily call “The Art of the Baroque Concerto.”

I urge everyone who can make this concert to reserve tickets early. I promise to contain my own emotions as Stephanie and the ACO conducted by Thomas Crawford perform. This is one concert, like Stephanie’s Mendelssohn Concerto, that I myself won’t forget.

—Donald Dal Maso

DEAN NYBERG is the recipient of L’ARCHET’s most recent “Outstanding Ensemble Player” award. The prize is given out twice a year to a member of The Pocono Youth Orchestra who demonstrates a high standard of leadership, collegiality and commitment to the ensemble. Dean is an oboist whose enthusiasm and warmth are palpable, both as musician and as a community leader. Congratulations to him and to all the young performers of the PYO!